Pork Rinds

Pork Skins, Chicharrones, or whathaveyou. What I want to know is: WHAT is the deal with these things? So ridiculously addictive. Like crack (presumably, as I have never actually tried it). Maybe that’s why in the UK they’re called cracklings? Huh. Then again, that could simply be due to the fact that they are quite crackle-y. I don’t know. Do you?

I ate my first pork rinds a few days ago. Not sure why I never had them prior to that, possibly fear, possibly the fact that I do not like “pork products” (with the exception of bacon, of course). Ham, sausage, chops. Yeah, not a big fan. Also, if you break it down, the fact of the matter is that pork rinds are FRIED PIG SKINS.  Which makes me think:

1. Aren’t pigs known for being roll-in-the-mud dirty? I sort of get the feeling that no matter how much heat you apply, pig skin will never be satisfactorily clean enough to eat.

2. Isn’t the skin of anything (chicken, duck, pork) incredibly high in saturated fat and just terrible for you?

3. Fried. Reading that word alone adds 10lbs. to my thighs. Instantly.

That being said, those things are all part of the allure of eating pork rinds. It’s like so so bad that you simply must do it. And honestly, the nutrition label didn’t scare me nearly as much as I anticipated.

How do they taste? Exactly how you imagine they would. A little dirty, super animal fat saturated, and fried to a crisp. Or should I say crackle? Followed by an overwhelming feeling of guilt.  I bought another bag today. Yeah, I. Am. Gross.

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